Original Abstract Paintings

In my paintings I use acrylic paint, pastels, oil bars and pencils, and work on canvas or wooden panels. I paint, scratch, draw and repaint again. Underneath my work are lots of layers. It is a time-consuming process, since I have to keep going until I feel the work is balanced. Painting and drawing are both merged in my work. I discovered that this combination of techniques really suits me. 




Spaciousness, openness,
eyes can wander around

Hidden Faces

Hidden Faces

People are like landscapes, beautiful but mysteriously layered

Still lifes

Even your kitchen cupboard
contains gems

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Paintings in contemporary style
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specialized in

Semi-abstract paintings

My paintings are all about colors, light, shapes and movements. They mostly are an abstraction of everyday themes, but in the end I bring in recognizable elements.
I want them to be harmonious and comfortable for the viewers eyes 

Bea Evers

Studio De Grote Lier
Koningslaan 7
6584BZ Molenhoek
The Netherlands

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