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If you love nature and the feeling of spaciousness in art, then dive in here!
Nature is very important in my life and therefore also in my work. Being outside I gather images of nature in my head, pictures and memories of places which bring inspiration. Back in my studio I use these impressions for my paintings. I want them to give your eyes something to search for. To give you the freedom to recognize or interpret the scenery. In my landscapes everybody can live or wander around. I hope you can walk with me!



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Spaciousness, openness,
places to wander around

Hidden Faces

Hidden Faces

People are like landscapes, beautiful but mysteriously layered

Still lifes

Even your kitchen cupboard
contains gems

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Paintings in contemporary style
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Semi-abstract paintings

In my work I like to transform reality and play with colors, light, shapes, movements. The result might appear a little distorted, even if realistic, but I always search for harmony. Sometimes I paint still lifes, which I approach the same way as my landscapes. My paintings mostly are an abstraction of everyday themes, but in the end I bring in recognizable elements. I want them to be harmonious and comfortable for the viewers eyes 

Bea Evers

Studio De Grote Lier
Koningslaan 7
6584BZ Molenhoek
The Netherlands

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