Workshops & Art Coaching


Workshops & ArtCoaching

Art Coaching

As an artist, I know that it can feel lonely to work on your own. Sometimes you need some encouragement or help. Having someone to talk to about your art process, can make a huge difference.

Recreational workshops

I regularly host recreational workshops for e.g., company staff, family celebrations, neighborhood parties. To participate, experience is not necessary. Everybody has their own style and expression. Everything you make will be unique. The most important thing is that you have fun with it. 

Primary school art class

You can hire me for teaching art classes at primary schools. Subjects could be composition, perspective, color mixing, art history, the use of art materials, or just for a creative and free working session.

For artists that want to keep challenging themselves

Every artist has a different creative path. It can be all about sunshine and rainbows. But once in a while you can get stuck, and things don’t go in the direction you want them to. It can happen that the creative process costs too much effort, too many emotions, and too much time. You don’t know what choices to make and your process gets cloudy. When that gets worse, you might lose your desire to create. It might help to talk with somebody about your process. Because losing your joy doesn’t mean you can’t get it back anymore.

As your Art Coach

I can help you to get more clarity about your way of working, why you do it in that way, what direction you’re heading to, what’s in your way and how to turn things around. Experience is not important, just have a will to grow, be eager to learn, and most of all, have love for art. We will be on an equal level in this. My goal is to give you tools to get back on track. We will talk about you, your art, your wishes. As you go home, I hope you will feel butterflies in your stomach and can’t wait to start working again. Feel free to contact me to ask questions or discuss your wishes.

Still Lifes


With Bea’s help, I was able to find my spark back. Her way of asking questions, explaining processes, positivity, and kindness, made me feel at ease. I love private coaching, because it suits my personality, so I am glad that Bea offers this.

Ellie Schmitz

Bea encourages you. She brings eye openers, sometimes confronting, but always in a pleasant way. She is a good listener and asks you the right questions. I recommend her private coaching when you feel stuck in your creative process. It helped me a lot.


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