Summer Ripples


Until 2024, January 28, this painting is available through Gallery KunstApart, Nieuwstraat 77, Deventer

Acrylics and pencil on wooden panel
40x40x4 cm

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Hopefully you can find some freeing memories in this summer feeling semi-abstract landscape. It represents a world of openness and spaciousness, a world to amaze yourself. I used acrylic paint and pencils to create this scenery. Painting and drawing are often merged in my work. I discovered that this combination of techniques really suit me. Also I use lots of ‘whites’, which, if you watch closer, actually are no whites. It's the underlying colors that shine through and give them a lovely depth. This way of working gives me enormous freedom to discover and express myself. I hope you enjoy the result!

A little video about the making process of this painting can be seen on my Instagram Account

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 4 × 40 cm