Embrace the ample world!

I am so sorry you missed out on this one. It has been sold.
Below you find a few selections of familiar paintings. You might find some other pieces on my website that could please you!

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Mountains and valleys, water and sky, greens and blues, wide and sparkling. Nature. A spacious feeling. The world is yours. Embrace!
In my paintings I use acrylic paint, pastels, oil bars and pencils. I paint, scratch and draw, repaint again. Underneath my work are lots of layers. It is a time consuming process since I keep going until I feel the work is balanced. Painting and drawing merged in my work. I discovered that this combination of techniques really suit me. Also I use lots of ‘whites’, which if you watch closer actually are no whites because the underlying colors shine through and give them a lovely depth. This way of working gives me enormous freedom to discover and express myself.


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Dimensions 80 × 2 × 80 cm